Hermits of the Blessed Virgin Mary 

of Mount Carmel  


As the Lord of hosts lives, whom I serve..."        1 Kings 18:15


Candidate Information


Candidates come here primarily to be hermit monks. Our calling is to be like Mary seated at our Savior's feet, attending to His words and the only thing that is necessary. Our call is not a preparation for the priesthood or a step to something else; it is itself the highest calling to a life of prayer. This life of prayer is nourished by the steadfast foundations of the eremitical life:  humility, solitude, obedience and love.   It is important that the candidate not only have a desire for solitude, but for communal life as well.  A candidate needs good physical and mental health to sustain our way of life, since we perform a good amount of manual labor.  He must be free of any chronic illness,  any addictive behavior or any emotional and/or psychological pathology.

Men who express an interest in our life are invited to visit the hermitage for the first time for a week. If interest is expressed once again, the candidate visits for a one to two month live-in participating fully in the daily schedule of the hermitage. It is after this visit that if the candidate is interested in joining the hermitage he applies to the prior and starts his application papers. Those applying must not be younger than 18 years of age, nor older than 40.  Priests interested in our way of life may be considered on an individual basis, and men between the ages of 40-50 may be considered as Oblates, depending on their health and readiness to adapt to our way of life.  Our common practice is to have the candidate take psychological testing before admittance into the community.  


Vocations Weekend 

at Mt. Carmel


Experience the daily life of a Carmelite Hermit. Live the monastic lifestyle for a weekend to see if God is calling you to the hidden life of prayer and praise as a Carmelite Hermit. 

Fri. - Sun. p.m.

Men ages 18 to 40

2017 Schedule:

  • March 17-19

  • May 26-28

  • June 23-25

  • July 28-30

  • August 18-20

Bring Bible, Rosary, Alarm Clock, Work 

Clothes, and Sunday Mass Clothes


For more information write to:

Mt. Carmel Hermitage

P.O. Box 337

Christoval, Texas 76935-0337

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