Hermits of the Blessed Virgin Mary 

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As the Lord of hosts lives, whom I serve..."        1 Kings 18:15


Application for Vocations  Weekend at Mt. Carmel






Phone: (     )

City:                                         State:                     Zip:

Cell Phone: (     )

Date of Birth:                           Place:                     

Driver's License Number:                       

Are you a US citizen?                                       Are you a US resident?           If yes, do you have a green card?

Height:                                      Weight:                                   

Education (Circle One):      High School  -  College  - Other ___________

Are you a practicing Catholic, having received Baptism, First Communion and Confirmation?

Parents' names and phone numbers:
What is the name and location of your parish?                                     Pastor's Name and Phone number:
Have you been married?       If yes, do you have any children?        Do you have an annulment?

Present Employment:                                                                        Length of Present Employment:

Any debts or financial obligations?    If yes, explain.       

Have you been a member of a Seminary or Religious Order? If yes, please explain.


Have you been in military service?  If yes, please explain. Do you have an honorable discharge?


Have you been arrested and/or have a criminal background?  If yes, please explain.


Do you spend time in prayer & spiritual reading:   ____Daily?   ____Sometimes?  ____Weekly?

Do you date?:   If yes; how frequently?  _________

Do you presently live a celibate lifestyle?:  If yes; for how long?  _________

Do you attend Mass:   ____Daily?   ____Sometimes?  ____Every Sunday?

Do you live with:  ___ parents? ___   or relative? ___  apartment/rented room?  ___  own home? 

Emergency Contact Name & Phone Number:

Do you have any physical impairments or chronic illnesses?

Do you smoke? _______                             For how long?_______
Do you consume alcohol? _______             How much?_________

How is your health?                    Explain:


Have you ever used illicit drugs?            Explain:



Do you take regularly any prescribed medicine?

Please list medicines & reason for prescription:


Are you presently or have been under the care of a psychologist?

For what reason?

Do you require a special diet?

Please provide at least 2 references (include names, addresses & phone numbers).


Please attach a recent photo of yourself .


Please include a letter of recommendation from your Parish Priest.


How long have you been thinking about the contemplative life?  What attracts you to seek this way of life?









Weekend Applying For:  

2019 Weekend Dates available for men ages 18-40:

  • March 8-10

  • May 24-26

  • June 28-30

  • July 26-28

  • August 9-11

For vocation retreats from September through December, please contact the Hermitage for individual arrangements.

                                 1st Choice:  ______________     2nd Choice:  ______________

Please mail application to: Mt. Carmel Hermitage, P.O. Box 337, Christoval, Texas 76935-0337

Or email to: stellamaris@carmelitehermits.org

Phone: 325-896-2249


Driving Instructions to 

Mt. Carmel Hermitage

From San Antonio or El Paso: 

-Take I-10 to Sonora

-Take 277 N to Allen Lane (Just South of Christoval)

-Turn left on Allen Lane 2.5 miles to St. Joseph Way (Hermitage entrance) on the left.  Proceed on the paved road to the main entrance and ring the doorbell.

From San Angelo:

-Take 277 South just past Christoval to Allen Lane

-Turn right on Allen Lane 2.5 miles to St. Joseph Way (Hermitage entrance) on the left.  Proceed on the paved road to the main entrance and ring the doorbell.




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